WordPress Themes

WordPress is very Web Ninja-like in many ways. No matter what the situation might be, WordPress has what it takes to get the job done well. That’s one reason why I love to design custom WordPress themes.

WordPress is the premier website, blog and content management software and it’s the preferred platform for nearly all Web Ninja website designs. WordPress offers a clean, search engine friendly platform that is highly customizable, flexible and expandable to meet almost any needs.

From simple blogs to complex magazine style sites; photo gallery sites to ecommerce, WordPress can do it all. Another huge advantage of WordPress is that it enables you to update and change content on your site whenever you want, quickly and easily.

As an open-source content management tool, WordPress can be extended through literally thousands of plug-ins. The enormous open-source developer community is constantly improving WordPress and making it more secure with regular updates.

Wordpress Add ons

  • X Theme
    X Theme is so much more than just a WordPress theme – it’s a designer’s platform that makes it easy to make incredible designs come to life without all the code headaches.
  • All In One SEO Pack
    The All In One SEO Pack plug-in makes it easy to target specific keywords which help your site get ranked in the search engines.
  • Audio and Video Player Plug-Ins
    Embed videos or add audio files to your website easily. Audio and video plug-ins (there are lots of them) are popular with musician websites and other entertainment sites.
  • Photo Galleries
    If your website needs an easy-to-manage gallery system, WordPress has a variety of plug-ins that can make it wasy to handle all of your photos and albums. You can embed a flash slideshow gallery with multiple sliding effects to give you pages an added edge.
  • Event Calendars
    An event calendar plug-in is perfect for bars/restaurants and musician websites, or for any site where you want to update people of upcoming events. You can also offer links to purchase tickets, maps and venue information.
  • Google Sitemaps
    This plug-in creates an XML sitemap that automatically updates whenever you add new site content. It also automatically submits to Google and other search engines/directories to help them index your site more efficiently.
  • Google Analytics
    A Google Analytics plug-in connects your site with your Google Analytics account and allows you to track your traffic. The plug-in can also display top-level information right in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • And More…
    This is just a sampling of some of the ways to extend WordPress. Contact the Web Ninja clan to discuss the details of your website and what kinds of plug-ins would help make your site even better.