About The Artist

Imagination Unlocked

website-designer-for-hireI can remember when I began my life long journey in art. It was 1983, as a young lad in my grandmothers old house on an indian reservation, I picked up my first piece of paper with the intention to drawing something. I drew a desert scene with mesa’s in the background and in the foreground some cactus and bull bones in the sand. My father was pleased with my doodle and started to unlock my imagination. He picked up a little piece of paper and in about 10 seconds he drew the head of a crocodile. He did it so fast with a few curvy lines and then he started connecting them.

When I saw his creative feat I thought to myself that I had to do it too. The next few minutes my father continued to show me some other quick techniques. He showed me how to draw a ribbon and a desert canyon starting with the same squiggly line. He showed me that with a few lines you can decide the kind of picture you were going to draw. His first lesson taught me to understand that a single squiggly line could be anything you wanted it to be.

Years go by and I find that in grade school I was that kid in class who could draw. I have to say that I never really minded it. Going to new schools it help me to make friends pretty quickly.

My Studies Begin

Conan The BarbarianMy father was responsible for the second greatest moment in my art history. He introduced me into comics. On thing I thought was pretty neat about my dad was that he had a huge comic collection. Well, to me it was huge. He had an assortment of old 70’s marvel comics like Conan, The Thing, Power Man and Iron Fist, Spider-Man, X-Men, Uncanny X-men, Alpha Flight and the list goes on and on. He told me that my uncle learned anatomy by studying comic books. My uncle is another family member who practiced drawing for years. In my opinion, he is the best artist I know.  Seeing an artist like him create something that was extremely detailed entirely out of his imagination was something I just knew that I wanted to do. So I picked up the comics and began to study them.


That continued till I was in middle school. At that age I was sick of copying artwork. I felt that I was ready to make my own. So began my summers of studying anatomy through medical books from the library. I wasted my summers in the house drawing instead of playing football like a normal kid. My middle school years passed and soon after my high school years went away.

I still constantly practiced my skills. Some say I was self taught but I have to admit, if it wasn’t for GOD, I couldn’t do any of it. So I give my thanks to HIM.

Well….. I would like to thank you for your time. Take a look at my portfolios. If you have any questions or would like to start a quote, please feel free to contact me.