The Medico Group

The foundation of this site used a responsive skeleton theme. I am happy to say that it worked out nicely. The customer wanted something simple and really wanted to show off their blue man in the design. For this project I got to design the logo and icons throughout the company.

Advanced Diagnostic Website

The foundation of this site used a responsive skeleton theme. The customer wanted something simple. I got to design the logo for the company.

Jamba At Home Smoothies

I was really happy to be on this project. What a client! A big house hold name finally used me in one of their small campaigns. Located in Scottsdale AZ, Inventure Foods used me to create a wordpress website with some flash animations.

Spay Neuter Clinic

Another fun website design for a Phoenix based company. We used wordpress and some very custom design. The client had a logo that pushed the look and feel for this website. If you notice the logo that had in it two cartoon characters, you can see why I went with the classic cartoon dog house. If you need a fun …

Luxury Travel Trip

A Scottsdale business website that was, but never has been. I say that because this project never got launched due to client issues. I feel for them that they never got to launch a well designed marketing site. This site boasted email campaigns, customer client pages, and a detailed company page. I paired up with a PHP programmer that helped …


Specializing in selling a illuminating rocks by candle light, Glowcite craved that special look and feel. Combining again flash and wordpress, Glowcite got a website that brought you into the world of their product. This is what I would call an advanced theme.

21st Century Telegraph

Under the company of  THINK PRINTING AND GRAPHICS, I got to help a Scottsdale Website TShirt Shop create the website that they dreamed of. This web client was super specific on what they wanted. They wanted late 1800 technology and scenery in the background of their website. I spent many hours researching for the materials through historic archived photos. I …

The Northpole Experience NPX

What a project this was! I got to push my skills to the limits. This site had flash, video, wordpress and much more! A family fun website was what the client needed. Located in Flagstaff Arizona, NPX delivers that much needed holiday fun. Please notice the heavy graphic design. This is a top notch custom wordpress website.

Arcadia Fine Wine

A favorite design of mine. This was creative specifically for the client. Created for a Scottsdale company, their website showcased their daily wine inventory. Scottsdale business’ know how much a professional website will bring in customers.

Angelone Builders

This website was one of my many first to use my creative techniques. It’s still around today. My goal was to create a custom graphically heavy website. The client needed something to reflect their own creativity.

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

Classic custom WordPress web site that allows the client to make his own edits and updates.  Plug-ins are available from WordPress for just about any application including calendars,  forums, and SEO. » view website

Arizona Classic Jeep Tours

Another classic example of a heavily themed WordPress design.  This site has intense graphics to set it apart from the competition who uses mostly solid colors and bland designs.   A Flash intro is also used to add an element of motion to the site. » view website


Alienzoo is one of those websites that has the best of all worlds. With a WordPress content manager and E-Commerce shopping cart system built in, the web administrator will never have to pay for another update ever again. » view website

All In Magazine

All In uses several WordPress plug ins including the flash video player.  Multiple FLV files can be uploaded and viewed through one single video player.  This is a perfect solution to a site that has several movies but doesn’t want the clutter of multiple Youtube embedded players.

Solid State

This is a facelift that I did to the existing Solid State website to update some tired and outdated looking graphics.  The site also includes some custom illustrations and game skins that I created using hand drawn graphics as well as 3D computer models. » view website

Fanatics Sports Bar

This is another themed WordPress web site that is heavy on the graphic design which uses an easy to use layout.  Menu items and other files that are updated frequently is simple with a content manager like WordPress.

Urban Living 360

A WordPress site using the “Hive” plug-in allowing the admin to control multiple websites and to share themes across sites as well.  What this means is that several sites can be added to or updated at once without time consuming multiple updates. View Website

Core Replicas

This themed website includes a unique footer that ties the Graphic Design together.  It’s a basic site yet user-friendly and easy to navigate.  Again, it’s a WordPress site that’s as easy to update as writing an email. » view website

Synerchi Systems

This is a rather complex website design that includes elements of Flash, 3D video, and WordPress in one site.  The client wanted a 3d skeleton model that rotates to show different aspects of what the business offers. » view website

Gcue Billiards

G Cue wanted an E-commerce web site with room for a huge online inventory of products.  I chose the Zen Cart shopping cart system for it’s diversity and almost unlimited room for expansion.  This site integrates WordPress as well as Zen Cart for a totally client-controlled and updated site. » view website