Storefront Design

This is a project that I did for a very good friend and one of the best business in Phoenix and Tempe. They can do anything in the print world. Below is the finished project.

Phoenix City Skate 2014

A friend of mine needed a solid and had a project that needed to be done overnight. What I had to do is create the layout decals and create diagrams for installers to put up all the vinyl stickers. I also had to create comps before getting the printers to move forward. Below are comps and final label placements. I …

Rock Solid Logo & Flyer Design

This project was a highlight of 2014. I got to dig deep into my mojo and create something extra special. I used Illustrator to lay the foundation of the text. Them I used Photoshop to texture and color. The cartoon characters were illustrated by me. Here is the first sketch and final logo.

Southwest Chupacabra Logo

I did this logo with Adobe Illustrator. This was used for team shirts. The original ink sketch can be seen below.

Store Digital Menu

This was the first digital menu I designed for. I used photoshop to create all the flavors and put together the menu.

ASIA 2014 Shirt Design

The Arizona Self-Insurers Association hosted the 2014 GOLF TOURNAMENT and were in need of a sponsor shirt. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the vector artwork for this entire project.

Custom Fedora

Sometimes a project may not need a website designer. Sometimes you may just need a little help with product adjustments and variations. This project needed someone to help develop images that would allow the user to toggle between ribbon colors. An example here demonstrates how many images are needed to make shopping easier. I had to create all the …

Crawfish & Pig Roast Shirt Designs

I’m always available to do illustrations for your event. This example is of the 2nd Annual Croawfish Boil and the 10th Annual Pig Roast. These shirts were two color for screen printing. I also did another event for them with this artwork below.

Arrow Pest Control Door Hanger

Here is a great example of my illustrations in a project. The customer did not have a decent mouse from their own library. I had to redraw and upgrade their mouse and put him into the door hanger. A fun project for some cool people.

Abraham Drinking CD Cover and Back Design

Someone very close to me needed a fun crazy graphic for his new CD that came out years ago. I am not entirely sure if their Phoenix Band is still together. What matters to me is that I got to draw Abraham Lincoln fighting a Robot and Dragon at the same time.

Custom Madcatz Standard Edition Project

So I’m really into arcade fight sticks lately. I’ve moved on from the traditional game pad usage to Arcade style controllers. It was a tough challenge at first. My years of game play experience wanted to do nothing more than quit the annoying joystick. I couldn’t fire off my HADOUKEN or counter with a cool SHORYUKEN! But with diligence and …

Hitboxing T-Shirt #1 LIMITED TIME

Can’t get that last big game out of your head? Do you need to practice your combos but find yourself at work or school? Well you can practice on this HITBOXING ANYWHERE T-shirt! The buttons are actual size! Own the next game and show everyone who is the king of games! Available in white tee Gildan Apparel Available in S, …

Street Fighter III custom RYU for your TE fightstick

I’ve had several requests on SRK to release this for print. I appreciate all the positive feedback from everyone. I’ve already formatted to print at it’s correct size. File Info: .pdf format 300 DPI 15″ x 10″ DOWNLOAD PS3 VERSION HERE DOWNLOAD XBOX VERSION HERE   I am doing custom templates and accepting donations. If you like my work enough, …

Customizing Your Tournament Edition Fightstick

Custom Madcatz Tournament Edition Project I went to a pawn shop looking for a used fightstick. Low and behold, I found one. It was only 15 bucks! But it was painted¬† blue all around the the buttons & balltop was painted red. The original casing was black, the ball top use to be yellow, the stick use to be black …

Homemade BumbleBee Costume

Homemade BumbleBee Transformers 2 Halloween Costume After spending some wasted hours on youtube, I stumbled onto some awesome homemade transformers costumes. My son saw it and obviously thought it was cool. He is lucky I loved it too and I thought to challenge myself by making our own. The hardest part was trying to plan out how big make the …

Mango Thai Cuisine Logo

A guys comes up to me and says, make me a logo with a mango in it. That was a first and it was also a great challenge. This entire graphic is vector.

Commercial Vector Art

I don’t do it much, but I have done it in the past. Here are some 3D’ish looking graphics. I created an abundant amount of these for LEARNING SERVICES a Facilities Edge company.