Now You’re Playing With POWER

Remember the good old days when Nintendo was the greatest thing in the whole world. Mario, Punch out, Donkey Kong Jr. and many many more games were your escape to wonderful adventures. This illustration is all about my childhood love for games.

Optimus Prime

This looks like vector art, but it is not. This was drawn entirely in Manga Studio.

Loot Crate Artwork Mockup

I recently join the Loot Crate movement. If you don’t know what I mean, please visit this link to find out. Loot Crate guarantees that their $20 crates will pack easily $40-$50 worth of geek merchandise. I’ve posted a few on youtube.

Web Ninja For Hire

Here is an old drawing that i did with a Wacom tablet. I figure since I am now a web ninja, I need to represent myself as one.

Abraham Drinking CD Cover and Back Design

Someone very close to me needed a fun crazy graphic for his new CD that came out years ago. I am not entirely sure if their Phoenix Band is still together. What matters to me is that I got to draw Abraham Lincoln fighting a Robot and Dragon at the same time.

Sketch of THE FLASH

Barry Allen is back and faster than ever! He is such a cool character. He is the fastest man alive and yet he is always late because he slows down for the little people. He gets to know the people he runs across and always spends extra time at a crime scene to make sure justice is served. Him being …

Aquaman VS Namor

THIS ARTWORK IS SOLD: Aquaman Vs Namor was a subject for a contest that I entered. It’s really hard to make Aquaman look cool so mine was inspired by the Alex Ross version.

Gi From Captain Planet

This drawing is from another contest that I entered. The contest rules were that I was given a word, and I needed to draw a picture with that word in mind. I kind of took those rules literally, because the word I was given was “water”. The only thing was Gi from Captain planet.

Quick Sketch of my little brother.

Sometimes you just get the itch to draw. I had felt that I have been out of practice, and I just wanted to draw something. So I went to my MySpace account and the first thing I saw was my brother’s picture.


I love this guy. His movies may be cheesy, but you still gotta love the Godzilla ROAR! This drawing is the first complete digitally painted piece that I have ever done.


This spawn drawing is the first time I truly tried to color, one of my drawings. Don’t get me wrong, I have colored my drawings before. But not like this. The rendering was thought out from the background source lights to the placement of the Cape.


The theme word of this contest was Serenity. So I thought up when Clark Kent gets to spend some down time at Ma Kents house.

Guilty or Innocent

I repeat, guilty or innocent? Innocent! Feed him to the Sharkticons! HA HA! This was a blast drawing. I loved the Transformers, especially the movie!

Olympian is merciless

Merciless was the topic for this duel. As you can see, Olympian shared no pity for the poor soul who fought against him.

Superman Returns

I always thought low of the redesign of Superman’s new suit. This cartoon pretty much says it all.

Bizarro color study

This was a simple drawing with thin lines. My whole goal was to use colors to give out the drama of this scene. This was actually colored within 2 hours or so. I was really proud of it.

Comic Paneling

I am horrible at panels and sequenced drawings. This was another duel that I was called out on by a guy named Epic (Gavin). He’s a good kid with great abilities.This was the first full panel page I ever did complete. I’ve tried before, but always got bumbed out and didn’t finish.

Bluetights character concept

I forgot about drawing this. I’m going to color it and send it into another contest. Luckily this months theme is to design this character. This is my take on him.


He is a childhood favorite of mine. I use to think he always looked cool. His pupils were cool.

The fall of an Olympian

I lost in a long Pit Fight drawing tournament. This was my way of showing that even though I lost, I’m not staying down. I’m happy to report that I kicked the crap out of the guy who previously beat me. In art of course.

Worlds’s Finest Teamup

This is a drawing that was made by a dear Canadian friend Kazuya. Too bad he’s distant, I loved playing games with him and collaborating on team up drawings.

I dreamt of a Vampire once…

A character inspired by a dream. I know what your thinking. It’s a half naked vampire riding a horse, who wouldn’t dream of that. I really wish I could remember more.


Who doesn’t love PITT?

My True Love

This image represents my most precious belonging. MY FAMILY. The three roses represent the flowers that bloomed and the caretaker is my wife.

The Chosen

This is a duel drawing. I went up against the dreaded Zedin for the very first time. He’s a really good artist. Obviously these characters don’t exist in either marvel or DC.


Another monthly fan art contest. I think the word for this was “Inspiration”. I thought of when I was a kid and felt superheroes were some of the coolest role models.

Batman and Harley

A image that was done for a friend. Jeremy is the biggest Harley fan I ever met. He’s the one that thought this image up. I thought it was really interesting.

Phoenix and Fire Team-Up

This is a team-up project. A very talented artist started this manip by choosing the models and getting the rough mock up finished. I then went in and polished the models and added special fire effects.


This image was a contest entry for a forum contest. I didn’t win any prizes, but I got bragging rights.