Ten Commandments Wallpapers

Motorola Droid 10 Commandments Wallpaper

I want to keep reminding myself how to be a authentic (true) Christian. I need a constant reminder. I look at my phone 100 times a day and I figured I should put the Ten Commandments on my wallpaper. I tried to find one online but no where is there a 10 commandments wallpaper for your droid. So I guess I’ll be the first to make one.

Take a moment to refresh yourselves. It can be disturbing when you find that you are not measuring up. I know I’m not and that is the problem. Hence my need for a constant reminder.

Widescreen 10 Commandments Wallpaper

Since I put this up on my Droid, I figure to make one for my computer desk top. Since I look at my computer pretty much all day long. This one was fun because it was a much larger canvas to work with. I found other related graphics but picked things off of them. i got the water and Moses drawing off Google. So this is not all my art, it’s really just a manipulation. Any how, here it is. Download and use if you wish. God Bless.

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